Friday, July 11, 2014

Skywatch Friday – Sunset at Dal Lake,Srinagar

Shikara ride on Dal lake is the most natural choice for anyone to end their day  in Srinagar. Dal lake is Srinagar’s most enchanting place surrounded by mountains. It is even more charming due to its brightly painted Shikaras and houseboats which will embellish the vast beautiful lake with bustling life. Shikaras are the wooden boats which are the means for commute in Dal lake.
Shikara ride on Dal lake
 Inside the boats they have cushions for comfort and decked with Kashmiri clothes giving us the taste of Kashmir.Dal lake is a floating township. It has everything to contain a smooth life, from  coffee shop to Apparels , from Restaurants to handicraft shops, from hotels( House boat) to vegetable market. 
Floating shops on Dal Lake
Interiors of Shikaras parked in a row
When we started our Shikara ride it was late in the evening. Temperature was dipping every minute. Sun was almost behind the mountains towards west. As we started our ride, floating trinket hawkers stopped us every 5 minutes. Finally we decided to buy something. While we were negotiating with them, couple of other Shikaras surrounded us with albums. You guessed it right. Mobile studio. They showed us  albums to get photographs in Kashmiri dress and  were ready with different colors of dresses and necessary accessories. I was sold before they finished their selling session. In next 2 minutes I was in Kashmiri dress posing !! They delivered the pics later to our house boat.Though it was funny,  it is nice to  relish those moments now
Me posing
As we make our way from these entrepreneurs, picking up tasting Kashmiri kava from the floating restaurants, western sky was in its colors. Some pics for you.
Dal lake
Dal lake at Sunset
 We stayed in one of the house boats. It was not floating as they say. It was well anchored permanent hotels in the shape of a boat in Dal lake.  Boat we stayed had luxurious interiors in its lobby. But comfort of stay was just basic. 
House boat
 If I ever visit Srinagar again, I don’t think I will stay in floating house boat.Rather I explore home-stays as suggested by   Poorna & Brinda .
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  1. What an adventure! I would love to have traveled to see this and stayed on the boat or at the home-stays. Unusual photos. Thanks.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

    1. Thanks JM, You should visit it once. Kashmir is called as paradise on earth..:-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rajalakshmi. Pls plan it when you come to India next summer. :-)

  3. Wow, fabulous shots Girija and a apt writeup. I had not been able to visit Dal lake during my visit to Kashmir due to "Dariya mein Curfew" at Dal, We however stayed at the Nageen lake and it was a great experience especially with a complete town setup on the lake.

  4. Hello, thanks for sharing about your travel experience. Srinagar is a must visit place, if you're going to J&K In true sense, the town's beauty and lush greenery with leave you absolutely enchanted. Get to know about various hotels in Srinagar and enjoy a memorable stay.