Friday, July 4, 2014

Skywatch Friday - Dramatic sky from Nishat garden, Srinagar

Srinagar in Kashmir  is home for  beautiful gardens developed during Mughal period. Nishat bagh is one of the gardens. I was told that it was mainly used by the royal Mughal women.
We reached Nishat bagh in the evening after a heavy rain.There was a freshness in the garden that only rain can create.
As we took a stroll along the water streams,  at some point we turned back and both of us exclaimed Wooow!!  With clouds showing  tip of the snow cladded mountains  and   playing hide and seek with the clear sky, sight was dramatically attractive.Here are some pics of the nature that we enjoyed ....
View from Nishat garden
Clouds playing hide and seek and Sun goes behind the mountain
Reflection of mountain on Dal lake

Dusk is taking Dal lake in to its arms
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  1. wow the mountains!!! first i focused on the park scenery in front, thinking the background is all skies and clouds. amazing!

  2. Thanks Dorothee. :-) It was amazing indeed!!

  3. Giri I relived that moment just's amazing how you remember and narrate the smallest of details.