Friday, July 25, 2014

Buddha point, Thimpu - Skywatch Friday

When you walk along the streets of Thimpu, you just can't miss Buddha point on the mountains of Thimpu. It will play hide and seek as we move around Thimpu city.
Buddha view from Thimpu
 Located 6 km from the city, Buddha statue at Buddha point is the tallest sitting Buddha in the world. It is the latest attraction of Thimpu.
Buddha in the backdrop of blue sky

In local language it is called Buddha Dordenma. 51mt long Buddha statue will house more than 100,000 nos of small statues. When I visited,  construction of interiors of the structure  housing statues was going on. I didn't see any workers around.

Buddha's smile in the backdrop of blue sky surrounded by mountains overlooking Thimpu valley was such  a serene experience.
Third eye made of diamond

It was me , Buddha and chilling breeze. I savored the company of both.
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