Monday, October 13, 2014

Kinnaur & Spiti tales–2- Seabuckthorn, Himalayan superfruit

Kinnaur & Spiti tales -4- Hike to Dhankar lake

Do you know why Genghis Khan’s horses were flying ? What is the secret of Greek mythological horse Pegasus flying ?
As per ourguide Cherring, simple answer is Sebuckthorn. Genghis Khan was feeding his horses Seabuck thorn everyday and Pegasus was on continuous diet of Seabuckthorn.

Such is the power of this super rich supernutritious fruit grown in the high altitude Himlayas. We started seeing seabuckthorn after Tabo which is at the height of 3300 mt above sea level. It grows in bushes full of thorns. It is an yellow fruit with a seed.Tastes sour and not so pleasant taste. But looking at its rich nutritions who cares for taste. It has many Omega fatty acids. High in Vitamic C -multiple times richer than orange and many more Vitamins. It’s not easy to pluck it eat it as it is so thorny that you need an extra eye while eating.
Legend goes like this. Once, Greek soldiers released their war tired horses to free grazing to die a natural death. After a  few days, horses  returned,  full of health and with a shining skin from the patch of Seabuckthorn.Since then it is also called as life oil. It is considered as god sent medicine for local ayurvedic practitioners in the Himalayas.

Today, Sebuckthorn is available in the form of tea, juices and many forms of oils. I had  Seabuck thorn tea in Kaza. The tangy taste of the  tea is still on my tongue.
I wish I could grow it in my balcony. But Alas!! god has designed it be grown in the mountains.

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  1. This is also known as Leh berry in Ladakh. Known for its anti oxidant property. We had plenty of this during our trek in Markha valley. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Poorna & Brinda. Oh! I didn't know it is called as Leh berry. Thanks for sharing. Yes. It is rich in anti oxidant property. even we ate plenty of them. :-)

  2. Very interesting. Do share more informations of such unique god made gifts

  3. Great info. Vidhya