About me

Hi Thanks for visiting my blog ! I am a day dreamer, traveler, mother  and a gypsy in nature... For more about me here you go.....

  •  For living, I am into Corporate Real estate and facilities Management. Passion for creating workspace and managing them never makes me tired.
  • Since childhood I knew  mine was an itchyfeet. I was not privileged to travel to the places till I started to earn.  But that didn’t stop me from dreaming. I dreamt to wander around the world. I dreamt to sleep in the meadows. I dreamt to relax next to a fall, I dreamt to take a long stroll in an isolated place…. It goes on.. .Then  I never heard this word called solo traveling. When I could afford to travel, I started living my dreams.
  • I am a solo traveler . I love the freedom it gives and  the feel of empowerment. Traveling alone is like meditation to me. I travel  not just to count the number of places I visited but to explore. I am always hungry for new experiences that travel can offer
  • I am a newbie in the blogging world. I don’t have  patience to write. Then why did I start writing ?  You know, I am getting old. My internal hard disk doesn’t have enough space to store and retrieve when I want. But I have this fantasy of bragging to my daughter about my travel stories. So, I pushed myself to blog as my personal journal to document my travel tales.
  •  I live with my husband and daughter. He knows my wanderlust soul and he encourages my itchy feet.
  •  I have acquired calcium deficiency over the years and  have enervating knee pain. Inspite of that I travel,  walk and  hike. I love to walk. Wherever I travel, I try to join walking tours
  • My favorite destinations are the Himalayas.
  • I love leisurely travel. But, I don’t have enough time to travel the world leisurely. I am dreaming to travel someday for months when my daughter grows up 
  •   I can’t travel in large groups. I like comfort traveling if not luxury 
  • Why call my blog as  www.giriyana.blogspot.in.  Giri is  first half of my name. ‘ yana’ in Sanskrit means ‘ voyage’
  • If you have any queries, leave a comment or drop a mail to girijamr@gmail.com. Pleased to help! Pls join my voyages virtually  on facebook travel page  Journey is Life  and   twitter @girijamr15


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