Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kinnaur&Spiti tales-3-Hikkim,The world's highest post office

Today I came back home to see my little one playing with the post card I had sent her from the world’s highest post office. I was not even hoping it will reach her. It just took  20 days to find my address ! After all it has travelled from 15,000 ft to 3000 ft crossing 1000 of miles and many post offices  !! Thanks to Indian postal services for bringing such a lovely moments !!
Me at Hikkim post office
I am talking about Hikkim village in Spiti valley  of Himachal Pradesh. It  boasts of having  the world’s highest post office. Located at a distance of about 25 kms from  Kaza, Spiti’s district headquarters, Hikkim  is a puny village with countable number of houses. This village is located on the way to Dhankar from Kaza. 
Hikkim village...Left bottom building is post office
Landscape in the neighbourhood
  Hikkim can be found after Langza before Komic if you travel from Kaza.  I was told that this post office handles about 20 letters per day. Hikkim also has the worlds’s highest polling centre !

Kids from the post office home
When we reached there post man wasn’t there. It was a post office come home. Lady at home helped us with pen and post card. She collected our cards with money to stamp it later. I gave it but not with full hopes of finding it back. Now that I have it here, I am delighted. It will be part of Viha’s collections. As we observed the funeral of telegraph services, who knows she might not even see the world of post cards, stamps and post offices when she grows up.

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  2. Hi Madam, Now this is surely on my to do list .... :)

  3. This was my first blog of yours that i read.Its so nice,making me to read the rest.Thank you Mam.
    Completely agree with you "Travel from places to places, thoughts to thoughts....."

    1. Thanks Balaraj for stopping by. Glad that it inspired you to travel to Spiti. Indeed a place to visit :-)

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