Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tulip garden in Srinagar, Kashmir

It was two days back.While  watching the flood hit Kashmir on TV, I felt so sorry  for the people living in the paradise. It is unfair of nature to put them in to devastating stage so often. I pray the almighty to help people to recover from the loss quickly.
Banglore’s soaring heat kept me thinking about the pleasant  weather of Kashmir. It brought back all the memories of my Kashmir trip. This is the time for Tulip bloom festival. Hundreds of Tulip bulbs in Srinagar garden  lure the travelers visiting Kashmir.  This year it was planned in April. Now I wonder have they survived through the flood. Would the delicate beauties be still smiling ??

Srinagar has plenty of gardens and the gorgeous Dal lake. Indiragandhi memorial Tulip garden adds to the charm of  Srinagar and  is must to see. Tulip garden has been cultivated few years back and they celebrate spring festival in March -April .  This garden which was once called as Siraj BAgh Chesahsahi garden  is not very far from the dal lake. Tulip garden  has a backdrop of mountains to multiply the grandeur  of the place. 

When I visited, Tulips were already ready for withering. Unfortunately, life of tulip is very short. However,colorful flowers spread across the  field was indeed a sight to admire. Flowers are always delight to eyes and mind. Sharing some of the pictures. Hope you will like them as much as I did

Tulip garden, Srinagar, Kashmir

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