Friday, December 12, 2014

Watson's bay in Sydney– Friday Skywatch

I was in Sydney mid of this year. Such a lovely city. I am yearning to go there again. I was going through my Sydney album and  found these pictures. These were taken when I went out for  ferry ride. They say, ferries are the best when it comes to  authentic Sydney experience.I bought a combo ticket for Torong Zoo and 24 hour hop on hop off  ferry  for $40.

I started from circular quay.My first stop was Torong zoo. The cable car ride inside the Torong Zoo offered a good view of Sydney. By the time I took a tour of the Zoo and came out  it was already  1pm. Though, ferry ticket can be used for 8 destinations. Practically it is not possible to go there unless we plan it well. Ferry schedule was something I couldn’t understand it easily. Nevertheless, I never count how many sight seeing places I visited. I love to explore and leisurely experience the place.
I didn’t have any plan for my next stop. While I was choosing my next destination, a ferry arrived. Next minute, yours truly was there inside the ferry. After 15-20 minutes, ferry stopped as   captain’s  announced the stop  ‘Watson’s bay’.
Hungry to the core,I was so happy to see many restaurants adjacent to the harbor. But didn’t find anything vegetarian there. They were sea food  restaurants.Later, came to know that Watson’s bay is famous for seafood and it was once fishermen’s village .

I walked towards left  side of the bay in search of food. After a km, found nothing to eat but a beautiful beach. Now, I had time  till ferry comes back. So, started walking in the opposite direction. Found some steps and information board mentioning that place as GAP. GAP is an ocean cliff facing Tasman sea.

 I was so happy to find this place accidentally. It is an amazing  vantage point which offers Sydney’s bird’s view.Walking along the cliff was so relaxing. I decided not to hop on the next scheduled ferry. So continued enjoying the views. Lovely veg roll,cone of ice cream, GAP park bubbling  with locals having leisurely time made my afternoon a memorable one. 

My hop on hop off ferry ended with only 2 stops. Absolutely no regret as Watson’s bay filled up all the gaps.Few more pictures on my way back to circular quay..


  1. Yes, Watson's Bay is really beautiful. I've got quite a few photos from there on my blog.

    1. Thanks Jim. I just went through your pictures. Awesome.!! Loved all of them ...

  2. all your shots are lovely and thanks for the interesting content!