Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shopping streets of ChiangMai,Thailand

ChaingMai in the north of Thailand is an historical place. If you decided to visit all the temples in Chinag Mai for which the place is famous for, I am sure you will be tired but it is hard to  complete all the temples. Chiang Mai is an old city with the remains of old city wall and a moat surrounding the city. It is the second largest city after Bangkok.

Moat around the city wall
Though it is famous for its temples and history, its shopping streets are equally famed for its array of street food, handicrafts, fake goods and many more items. It is such a pleasure to shop in Chiang Mai. Many  items are inexpensive which will fill your shopping bag with plenty of items. Shoppers are spoilt for choice for sure.
Buddha representing each day of a week
During my visit to Chiang Mai, I tried  3 famous shopping streets. Though there are plenty of markets and shopping places, 3 markets you shouldn’t miss are night bazaar, Saturday shopping street and Sunday walking street. More than shopping I loved the array of food available in these markets. Most of the hotels have free shuttle services for pick up and drop to all the three shopping streets 

Night bazzar

It has many shops which wake up only during night. You will find good restaurants to clothes to souvenirs to all that you want to buy in any other tourist markets. There are few dedicated buildings and on the footpath we can see vendors setting up their shops.
This innocent looking confectionery has minced pork. That is what name plate read!
There is a cabaret show in the Anusaran market by  ladyboys who look just like ladies. I was told  that it comedy show which they call as cabaret is  fun to watch. I couldn’t go there though. 

Found few good food joints here.There are photo studios who dress you up in Thai traditional attire and you get your portfolio done. I tried one…

Me getting ready to pose in Thai costume
Saturday shopping street
Starting from one of the old Chianag Mai gates all along Wua Lai road lies Saturday shopping street. It covers about 1 km. Road is small and literally you need to wade through the sea of people. 
Saturday market
Don’t eat anything before going there. You have plenty of veg and non veg options to try out. Shallow pocket is good enough to feed well. There are a lot of live music shows all along the road. It was a common sight to see people getting massages done. Mushroomy massage centres dominate most of the shopping streets
Mini donuts
Sunday walking street
I went to Sunday walking street. It is the best among all the markets. Again here what caught my eyes was food. Sleeping street in the morning was totally looking different in the evening. It opens up from 4 pm till mid night. Fried insects which I found in different markets was here as well. Fried gross hopper, cricket, silkworms are available for 20THB. Do you like to try one ?
Fried insects for sale

Some veg dish similar to our south Indian gundupongal
Found some veg restaurants as well along the road. I tried multiple varieties of street food. Rice cake, corn, waffle,ice cream, Thai desserts and couldn’t stop shopping until I realized I don’t have any more money left.

I wish I will go back to Chiang Mai again somebody to explore all the markets in leisure.

Which is your favorite street shopping experience? Pls share 


  1. Donuts :-). Did you try those fried insects? ;-)

    1. No Bibu, I am not a brave hearted person. It was even difficult for me to withstand that when I clicked the picture :-)

  2. Loook forward to a post on the vegetarian food....

    1. Yes Sonia, Its in my list to write about that soon :-)

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