Friday, June 27, 2014

Sydney Skyline - Skywatch Friday

As they say, the best vantage point to get Sydney's  bird's view is from the top of the Harbor bridge. Is that for free ? No. It costs a whopping few hundred dollars to climb it. Time allowed for you to stay on top is only a couple of minutes. The other option is Pylon Lookout. This is another view point in Sydney. This also costs few  dollars. One more option is to get 360 view from the Sydney tower and dine there. There is  money involved here as well. I was wondering which one to choose from the last two options. 
View capturing botanical garden and connecting harbors
 Meanwhile, I got a chance to visit  the city’s one of the highest rental spaces for site selection. As I stepped in, I was stunned with the view in front of me. Located on the 36 floor of that building, this corner of the floor was offering a seamless view of Harbor bridge, Opera and Botanical garden stretching till the horizon.The panoramic view of Sydney capturing most of the harbors under its sky was a captivating view. 

Some pictures for you. I clicked them from inside the office space through the  facade glass. Reflection of the glass was inevitable.Hope  still you enjoy…

View of Opera House from not so attractive angle

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  1. gorgeous images of your beautiful city. thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful views! I climbed the bridge a few years ago, didn't get photos any better than this.

    1. Thanks Karen. Oh! Then I am happy that I didn't opt for bridge climb :-)

  3. perfect timing. you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get such excellent views.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Alexander :-) You too have a nice weekend !

  5. Wow, these are views I'm not used to seeing. Great photos!