Friday, June 20, 2014

Skywatch Friday - Pangong lake - Dawn to dusk

It is the time of the year to go to the Himalayas which are not easily accessible during winter.Attractive Leh Ladakh travel packages are all over the travel sites. I feel nostalgic. I had  traveled with Women on Wanderlust in 2011.
Picturesque Pangong lake
For anyone visiting Ladakh, travel doesn't complete until you visit  Pangong lake. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life.
Pangong Tso(lake) is a narrow long lake located 150 kms away from Leh. About one seventh  of the lake is in Tibet and rest in India.This lake  came in to fame after it was shot in the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’. Pangong lake is located at the height of 14,270 ft from the sea level. 
On the way we drive  through Chang la pass which is the 3 highest motorable pass in the world at the height of 17,380 ft 
Changla pass pose

It is a 5 hour journey from Leh through curvy roads. Visitors flood Pangong lake  from  May to August. 
What you see as Z is road to Pangong lake from Leh
Some travelers visit and go back to Leh on the same day due to limited accommodation options at Pangong lake.Staying there and feeling the lake from dawn to dusk is  a surreal experience.
Nothing comes easy. To get such a life time experience one needs to bear  with the cold in the night and  minimum facilities in the tent.
First sight of Pangong lake
It was afternoon when we reached there. It was love at first sight. We got the aha feel at the first sight of the lake. After finishing lunch, I just meditated the lake sitting on the bank till dawn. You might wonder isn’t it boring? No. I wouldn’t have believed if I had not experienced it! I was lost in the beauty of the lake in the background of nude mountains!!
Pangong lake

Close up of clear water
Sun plays a magical effect on the lake bringing all shades of blue. Turquoise to deep blue to Indigo to many layers of blue. As dusk captures the lake, magic will go behind the sun and it looks like any other lake.
Just before dusk - Pangong lake
We woke up early in the morning to watch the sunrise. That was another amazing experience to watch sun bringing back the magic and creating a world beyond words.
Dawn at Pangong lake

Dawn at Pangong lake

Morning again lake is shining in the sunshine

One must see this wonderful piece on earth in one’s  lifetime.
How to reach ? – Only way is by road. 160 Km from Leh. It takes nearly 5 hrs.
Where to Stay ? – There are few tented accommodations with attached toilets. We had stayed at Camp Water Mark. It was a decent accommodation with good bedding which was very much needed. They also provide hot bags. Food was also decent. Water is the main concern. However, getting any basic stuff  in that remote place and extreme weather is itself  a luxury. So no complaints. 

Accommodation in tents - Camp Water Mark - This is where we stayed
Food – There are few camps, tent hotels where you can get food.
It was very cold when we visited in the last week of May. Next day, while coming back heard that due to heavy storm all these camps were blown away by the wind. Life here is unpredictable.But I say again one must see this wonderful piece on earth in one’s  lifetime.


  1. Very nice photos! I'm happy to have found your site via Skywatch Friday.

  2. What an adventurer you are! I'm impressed by the starkness, the beauty, the stillness, the soft colors. Thanks for sharing.
    JM Illinois, U.S.A.

    1. Thanks Light and voices. I am glad you liked it :-)

  3. What glorious scenery!

  4. Very beautiful place, lovely pictures and wat an experience you had :)

  5. woaa look at that place. Absolutely stunning :) I wish I could visit Ladakh atleast once.

  6. Lovely! Memories rekindled!! We were there too in 2010 when Ladakh was still unknown!!

  7. Giri absolutely stunning! Your practical tips along with the description of the place makes your travel writing not only enjoyable but an extremely useful piece.

    1. Thanks Vid. Plan your visit to India during summer and you should visit Pangong lake

  8. Wow! absolutely fantabulous!! [ya a lil late reaction but just found this blog today]

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