Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sydney - Sunrise at Opera, bloom in the sky

It was my returning day from Sydney. My flight was in the evening. My friend with whom I was staying had a flight to catch in the early morning. I decided to go with her and get dropped at Circular quay on her way from her suburb home. 

I am not an early bird. Except for catching the flight, I can count the days when I got up early in the morning. I was still sleepy when we drove towards the city. There he came!!!  Little Kangaroo crossing the road!!! It was a small Kangaroo running in a hurry.Driver had to apply the break. It was for few seconds. He was gone in to the bushes… Wow!! That was amazing. Seeing Kangaroo jumping across the main road in Kangaroo land. Driver said it is a very rare sight. He hadn’t seen in years Kangaroo on road. 

I think Kangaroo sensed my dream to see him on road freely roaming and he made that true!! Me happy happy !!

When Linsey dropped me at circular quay it was just 5.15 in the morning.Circular quay is a  hub of railway station, ferry and bus stop in Sydney Sydney was still in deep sleep.The big roads were empty. One or two people were going in and out of railway station. I like to experience the place than seeing many places in a hurry. That’s one of the reasons  I like to travel solo. My time my plan and my way of traveling. I didn’t have any plan for the day. It was my day to feel the city.
Opera early in the morning from circular quay

 I settled on a bench in the bus stop and started reading Jayanth kaikinis short story (it is in Kananda, my mother tongue). I was lost in the story. There was a coincidence.The story speaks about Opera house, Mumbai's theater.  The experince of the Opera house narrated in the story and this Opera ,to which I was a witness got mixed up in a surreal way! There is no connection between the two operas though, expect for the fact that yours truly was reading it in and viewing it  too!

 Then, here comes an uncouthly looking person. I immediately sensed something  wrong and walked away. He was a beggar. He followed. I stood in front of a ticket  vending machine for a while  wondering what to do. He stood there away for sometime and moved away following someone coming out of railway station.
Golden rays reflecting on Opera house platform

To escape from his sight, I started walking towards Opera which was just 3-4 minutes away. Oh! There was hue of colors. Eastern sky was in bloom. Standing on the Opera platform I forgot the beggar and was lost in the rush of new sun rays. Dawn was unveiling the darkness. I was spell bound with the beauty in front of me. 
Dawn at Opera house , Sydney
Sunrise at Opera house, Sydney
Ever bustling area  was yet to get active fully. It was so quite. The dark sky was giving birth to Sun. Suddenly the eastern horizon was in full bloom! Changing colorful clouds enriched the beauty of the dawn.
Fresh morning at Opera house, Sydney
I was standing there watching this event until Opera was soaked in the golden light.Joggers started entering in to the stage called a new day. Life started unfolding from the womb of dawn at Sydney.

Pls share best sunrises you have seen .... 

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