Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bidar - Bidri work

Once you soak in the history of Bidar and start feeling enough tombs, it is time for you to shop.This monumental city doesn’t disappoint you there as well. Bidar is famous for its Bidri art work.

It is a unique form of art work done with silver inlay work on the base material of black metal alloy.
It is a beautiful handicraft work  with complicated designs in silver. Base material is an alloy of copper and zinc. They will cast jewellery boxes, bangles,vase and many more art pieces.Then different designs are engraved on the surface.On this engraved design,  silver wire is inlaid.Then it will be polished to give shiny new look. We saw few artisans working on their art pieces.

500  years old Bidri art work has its origin in  Bidar.  It originated when Bidar came under the influence of Persian artists who were working here during the Bahamani rule.Do I need to say Bidri art got its name from Bidar ?

Bidri work is valued by art appreciators.I bought few earrings.

Price starts from  Rs 200 to few thousands. Some of the big items with intricate design even cost few lakhs. Once we witness the work involved behind each art piece, we will realise it's worth the money. You can buy Bidriware   directly from the artisans at better prices.

Have you already been to Bidar ? Pls share your experience ...

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