Monday, May 4, 2015

Buddha Purnima - 6 Buddha images

Last year, unknowingly I travelled to many Buddhist locations in different countries. I visited monasteries in India, Bhutan, China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. It gave me different perspective about Buddhism than what I had or what I had learned in school.  For Buddha Poornima, here are 5 Buddha images I liked the most. Each one is different from the other and represents different Buddhist traditions. You can see different hair style and different ornaments of Buddha in different countries.

Entwined Buddha head in Wat  Mahathat   Ayutthaya , Thailand
The Buddha head entwined in the roots of a tree is an iconic image of Thailand, located in Wat Mahathat Ayutthaya, UNESCO world heritage centre. This temple was built in 14h century. But now it is just a ruin. No one is sure of how the Buddha head has ended up in the roots. But, possible guess work says, after Burmese attack on the temple and severe damage on the statues, some thief was trying to take the Buddha head and as he couldn’t climb up the compound along with the head. He had left it near the tree. The tree, while growing encompassed the Buddha head and now it looks as if it is part of the tree.

Entwined Buddha head, Ayutthaya
Buddha statue at Wat Chaimongkhon, Ayutthaya, Thaialnd
This statue again is from Ayutthaya world heritage centre. This is located in the temple Wat Chaimongkhon( Great monestary of auspicious victory). It is an active temple, even though some part of the temple is in ruins. I just loved this statue in yellow robe in the background of ruins of wall.

Buddha statue at Wat Chaimongkhon, Ayutthaya, Thaialnd
Yungang Grottoes, China
This image is the iconic image of Yungang Grottoes, UNESCO world heritage centre, China. These Buddhist caves have hundreds of Buddha images. But this one stands out with such a pleasant face. I like the eyes are carved and kept fully open. I felt life in the eyes of this image. This sculpture dates back back to 6th century. To read more about Yungang Grottoes, pls click here Yungang Buddhist caves

Buddha at Yungang Grottoes, Datong, China
Buddha Dordenma,Thimpu Bhutan
This statue is said to be world’s tallest Buddha statue in sitting posture. This massive statue is installed on one of the hills outside Thimpu, capital of Bhutan. To read more about it, pls click here Thimpu Bhuddha

Buddha statue at Thimpu, Bhutan
Buddha statue in Ladakh, India
Leh Ladakh in India has many Buddhist monasteries influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The tibetian style Buddha is located  in Likir monastery  of Ladakh. The golden colored statue glows against the background of blue sky. 
Tibetan Buddha at Likir monastery , Ladakh
The great Buddha statue, Bodhgaya
Buddha statue in Dhayana mudra on lotus is one of the most visited place in Bodhgaya. This 80 ft statue is believed to be the tallest statue of Buddha in India. Made of granite this statue is deferent from others in this post. It is also different from what I have seen in India. Later got to know that it was built by Daijoko from Japan. It is located in a small park. There are small statues of Buddha's disciples all around. In line with Buddhist tradition, the hollow statue is said to contain many small bronze Buddha statues. When I visited it was evening and  dusky. I couldn't get good picture. Suggest to visit during morning to get better pictures of the statue.
80 sft tall the great Buddha statue of Bodhgaya
Daijoko Buddha of Bodhgaya

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  1. Fantastic pics especially the tree Buddha. Vidhya Murthy

  2. Interesting how Buddha is represented in various art forms.

    1. Param, True, I am finding different Buddha forms and Buddhist totally different from each other. Very interesting

  3. Beautiful images of Buddha ! 'The compassionate one' is mesmerizing in every form but just loved the Ladakh one and the yellow robed one ...

    1. True Kokila. Ladakh one is different from others and i felt it is very cute

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Arun. Entwined Buddha is different and amzing

  5. Truly some are mesmerizing ,and others are amazing each one of them are UNIQUE.