Friday, February 13, 2015

Mountain view from the Tokyo flight- Friday Skywatch

I love mountains. It's been 4 months since I came back from mountains. Already mountains are calling. Especially when you travel to the most crowded cities mountains are much more luring. During  my recent flight from Tokyo I  got a glimpse of mountains. It satisfied my crave for them for sometime.

Before take off I dozed off in the flight and woke up only when the pilot announced you can see Mount Fuji. I was all excited only to realise I  am not fortunate as I was sitting towards the  left side.

However, couldn't sit peacefully looking at the excitement  of  my right side people  leaning towards the window. After few minutes  I walked up to the window near the pantry. Mount Fuji was gone by now. But still it was beautiful with snow capped mountain ranges and a river meandering through the rocky terrain. I could see snow capped range till the horizon. Enjoy some picture !
Mountain view from the Tokyo flight
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Travel tips - Ensure you sit towards the right side when you travel from Tokyo to Hongkong