Friday, September 26, 2014

JUST GO - Friday Skywatch

Last weekend, I got to listen to two adventurous women – Biker Deepti Jacob and Cyclist Namu Kini in a session organized by F5 Escape under their ‘Just Go’ series. F5 escape is a brain child of   travel enthusiast Malini who organizes women only travels. Just Go is their talk series on travel from seasoned travelers from different walks of travels. Every time I listen to those travel stories, I come back inspired with many more travel plans.If you are planning to start traveling with group you can contact F5 Escape for exciting journeys.
This time I was amazed to know about biking women’s world. I don’t know ABC of biking. Not even  about the brands available in the market. Not sure it is my cup of tea. But certainly felt an urge to try it once. Of late I am drawn so much towards cycle that I might own one shortly.
Malini has aptly named it ‘ Just Go’. Travelling is all about leaving behind our comfort zone, fears  and just starting to explore the new exciting world that each one of us crave for.
To me, 2013 was a dry year as for as travel was concerned. I could only manage to travel  couple of times. Leaves and free time at work do not go together. But last year, all three were on my side. Still didn’t travel. Something was wrong with me. I was living as if someone has tied me to Bangalore, as if my itchy feet has been anesthetized, as if am an ardent mother who doesn’t want to travel causing inconvenience to family. But in reality I am not such a good person. I kept on planning for family holiday not getting common dates, I kept on planning for a child friendly holiday, not actually travelling.
Before reaching hilltop
Then it was already December, it was the time for planning and making 2014 resolutions. I decided, it ought to be travel as my first priority for 2014.  But I didn’t travel on 1 Jan holiday. There were no plans in place for  next weekend. I kept on planning. It was already Friday.
On Friday night I slept over thinking about the place to travel next morning. I woke up at 4  which is unusual for me. I was still pondering over the same question. All of a sudden some revelation kind of happened. I knew place doesn’t matter, distance doesn’t count. I knew it has to be  JUST GO to untie myself from the pseudo self imposed restraint.  I called up for a taxi, reached bus stand and hopped on to a bus to Channarayapattana and from there to Shravanabelagola.
Hari and Viha were still on bed when I called them up from Shravanabelagola at 9  in the morning.
Bahubali statue

I climbed the hill, sat on top of the hill for hours together looking at  the bird view of the town and Bahubali, conqueror of anger and jealousy who is an embodiment of spiritual emancipation. Explored the small town walking through its streets, had food in local Jain bhojanalaya. Relaxed quietly in the park watching kids playing. It was still 4.30 pm. In small towns time crawls. In metros it flies at jet speed.

Shravanabelagola skyline - Coconut tress till the horizon
 I untied myself from the self imposed bondage. Shravanabelagola was a good start for 2014.  This year has been kind  with me creating opportunities to travel every month. It’s been packing and unpacking. I am loving it. I will be somewhere in the wrinkes of mountains even while you are reading this. Wish me more travels :-)
Often people ask me ‘ how do you travel so much ?’ I tell them , you need to JUST GO

What was your Just go experience. Pls share


  1. Lovely photos...........beautiful bell.......

    Happy weekend!

  2. namaste Girija,
    Congratulations. I think of you as an inspiration when it comes to following your dream. Wish you more travel time as the year is drawing to an end rolling over to yet another resolution.
    These pictures refreshed my memory of visiting that Huge Symbol of Peace. Thanks.