Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sydney, Sky writing and Picturesque beaches.

It was a lazy sunny Friday in Sydney.All shops were closed due to holiday for Good Friday. All roads were leading to beaches.
  When we reached Manly beach, it was a delightful view to watch skywriting in the sky. I was witnessing  skywriting for the first time. There was a big heart symbol in the sky along with few more symbols. aircraft was rewriting on it. Somebody was proposing I think… 

For those who are new to Skywriting – It is an aerial advertisement. An Aircraft would be hired to write in the sky using some form of smoke. Generally it is used for advertising .Romantic people with deep pockets use it  to express their love or even to ask sorry.  Imagine your beloved proposing to you right above your head in the sky !!!! Isn’t it a Wow moment !!

Manly beach is 10 -11 kms from Harbour bridge. It  is Sydney’s popular destination and surfer’s paradise. It was a holiday. Beach was packed with locals and tourists. Locals taking sun bath on a nice sunny day after a week of gloomy weather.

Prince William and Kate’s visit was scheduled for that afternoon to Manly beach.Beach was already full of  people  waiting with excitement to meet Duke and duchess of Cambridge.Some were carrying teddy bear to give it to baby prince. There were  cut outs of William and Kate,  wedding souveniers, collages of their married life. Excitement was there in the air and people were busy in reserving their place. They had come with food and  even seating arrangements.

Took a walk along the beach. It was a fantastic  view with shades of blue hitting the shore. I appreciate the way they maintain the beaches. I was told that everyday they clean their beaches. Its is worth paying  heavy taxes.
Police were increasing minute by minute. I was afraid I might miss my flight if I stay there for long with the increasing traffic. Hence, we left to another beautiful beach called Balmoral beach.

Balmoral beach is located in an expensive suburb Mosman. Posh houses amidst greenery overlooking blue beach. No wonder real estate value is so high in the sky. It is a calm beach. Unlike Manly it was not crowded with tourists. Yachts were spread across the shore like  ornaments to the sea All owned by rich localities’.

Probably it is not a major tourist place. But locals were enjoying   their weekend with barbeque picnic  in the garden next to the beach.
This beach was not good for surfing  but a great swimming location. Even kids were diving in this safe beach. There is  a small esplanade adjacent to this beach. I could have sat there for hours enjoying the spectacular view and soothing blue water. But it was time up to reach airport.  Had to leave blue water, yachts and white sand behind to fly  back home.

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