Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bhutan tales 2 - Faces of Bhutan

Bhutan is a happy country, not because people  are rich.But they are contended.Unlike most of us in the mega cities, they have not lost their inner life.They are calm, charming and peaceful by nature. Many of the regions of Bhutan are still untouched by the mad rush of modern life.
Few of the faces and moods I liked are here for you

Little girl lost within herself in Sobsoka Village in Bhutan

Bhutanese monk begger..He was chanting something and people were giving him alms
She was all dressed up and on her way to attend Tschue.. Her mom was talking to somebody. She was leaning to the pole as if she was posing.
Women from Laya region of Bhutan. They dress up differently. She even offered her head gear for me to take my pic :-)
A father with his 2 little girls in Punakha Tschue
Watching dance ...


  1. Very nicely captured... wish I get to go to Bhutan

    1. Thanks Shalini.. You should visit. It would be feast to Srikanth's camera

  2. Hi dear day dreamer
    Simple narrative with lovely pics...keep dreaming and continue to realize them :)

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