Friday, April 24, 2015

Bo Sang Umbrella village,Chiang Mai,Thailand

The umbrellas which you see here in this village are not  mere a  shade providers against sun and rain. They are more than that. They are bright, elegant and full of vibrant colors. Bo Sang umbrellas are treat to eyes.
Umbrella ceiling
Bo Sang is a village in the outskirt of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. In this village of cottage industries what you see everywhere is multi hued umbrellas in different sizes. Some are plain, some are embellished with finely painted  designs , some are made of paper and  some are rain proof. You will not get tired looking at them and can’t escape from the temptation of buying one. Traditional umbrella is made of Saa paper. This is Thai handmade mulberry paper.
Different stages of Umbrella making
 These are wooden umbrellas. It was lovely watching experienced hands cutting the wood, making it into uniform sticks and joining them with the mechanism to open and close. There is  an umbrella factory. Each worker is assigned with the different stages of umbrella making. An umbrella before taking its fine shape would have blossomed through 10 different hands. The final step is painting. Floral, animal designs will take life on the umbrellas and once sun dried it is ready for sale.
In the same complex there are many artisans good in painting. They paint on any material. It can be on mobile phone, purse , a book or anything that you wish to have. That doesn’t matter. I got butterfly painted on my valet. It’s waterproof. Now, that is my souvenir of the place.
They have Umbrella festival during January. I was told that they have beauty pageants, parades and the proud artisans will exhibit all their umbrellas. Would be riot of rainbow colors !
Umbrella festival - Picture curtsey - Internet

Riot of colors , Bo Sang Umbrella village , Chiang mai, Thailand

The handicraft shop in the village provides one stop solution for all different kinds of  the products handmade there in the village. Not only Bo Sang the whole length of the road for 2-3 kms is lined up with Silver, jewelry, ceramic and wooden handicraft shops. You can keep half a day for this side of the shopping.
Handicraft shop
Travel notes

  • Bo Sang is 9 kms North of Chinag Mai 
  •  Can reach there by Songthaew( Local shared taxi) and tuk tuks. Some buses are also there 
  •  It can be combined with neighboring cotton and silk villages 
  • The price of the umbrellas are bit high. Same was available at a better price in Chianag Mai market. But the designs available in these handicraft shop are plenty 
  • Plan it during third week of January to witness Umbrella festival   
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